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Bistro Seymour

North Stradbroke Island


Welcome to
Bistro Seymour

Situated at the beautiful North Stradbroke Island Golf Club, virtually the highest point on the second biggest sand island in the world. 

From the dining room deck you have a bird’s eye vista overlooking Brown Lake, Moreton Bay and the big island (Australia) in the distance. On a clear day you can see the Glasshouse Mountains. At night the lights from the mainland might be considered a little romantic, and to see the lightening on a stormy night is something to behold. The Bistro is fully undercover regardless of the weather conditions. 

It just so happens that my surname is Seymour, I thought about calling the Bistro ‘See More’ or some other connotation because of the aspect. I settled on my using my actual name because my late dad always envisaged me having my own place called ‘Chez Seymour’

Whilst I am a classically trained chef, my offerings will be far from traditional fare. My darling grandmother and mother were/are wonderful cooks and were my inspiration to becoming a chef and I will implement those treasured homestyle skills.

My irreplaceable Right Hand, Kristina Groombridge’ is the face of Bistro Seymour, a local Dunwich girl and mother of three wonderful children. Kristina, myself, and our team will do our utmost to ensure that you’re comfortable, relaxed and well catered for.

A menu and venue for all hopefully. Whether you're a golfer wanting a bite after a round, taking in the view with a snack, or a long lunch or dinner with friends. Or, why not plan to make a day of it! Catch the Water Taxi from Cleveland, a very pleasant 20 minute trip across the Bay and we can collect you in our shuttle bus. Just call or email to arrange.

We are fully licensed and we would be delighted to assist you with plans for any special occasions. 



Myles Seymour

Myles commenced his apprenticeship at the Brisbane Park Royal Hotel. He served Four Governors of Queensland over a 16-year period. He has also won many culinary awards over his career including a Restaurant Gold Plate Award in 1986 at O’Neill’s Restaurant, was selected in the Australian Brigade for the 1992 Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt, Germany winning 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze medals and was named the 1995 Restaurant and Caterers Association ‘Chef of the Year’ along with another Australian Gold Plate Award at Grand Orbit. 

Having taken a sabbatical from professional cooking, He went into private service working as a Butler, until he retired a few years ago and took up Golf. As a volunteer he created a monthly gourmet supper club to support his beloved Golf Club which rekindled his passion for cooking. Hence, the creation of 'Bistro Seymour' combining his two loves together....

Before taking on his new venture, Bistro Seymour, at North Stradbroke Island Golf Club, Myles Seymour has been wowing us with an amazing 3 course menu each month as a guest chef at the club.

We found the dining experience that Myles provided each month to be not only very affordable but also 5 star quality.

Based on these dining experiences I highly recommend Myles Seymour’s new venture, Bistro Seymour, to anyone who would like to taste delicious food made with a high degree of attention and flavour.

Pam and Phil Bazzo

Having had the pleasure of attending a few of Myles’ Fine Dining events at the golf club over the last couple of years, we simply cannot wait for Bistro Seymour to open its doors. We are really excited to have the opportunity to sample his amazing culinary treats on a much more frequent basis. 
All our best wishes to Myles and the team and you will be seeing us - that is a promise!!!
Maree and Allan Ziirsen

My wife and I have been very fortunate to have attended several of the special three course dinners which Myles has delivered at the Straddie Golf Club.

I think we were on the waiting list for about a year but it was worth the wait.

Myles is well known in the hospitality industry through his former work with several Queensland Governors and the standard of food which he plated at the monthly Golf Club dinners was outstanding as was the presentation.

It is rare to discover meals on Straddie that you would rate as exceptional but Myles has certainly set a standard that others can only aspire to emulate.

We wish him and his team every success with this new venture and look forward to many more enjoyable meals at the Club.

Chris and David Evans

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